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Track safety, MOTORSPORTS safety, Driver Safety, Crew Safety, and fan safety. Everyone at a motorsports event should return home safely.

We want to know what dangers do you see or know of at your local race track and what is being done to correct or eliminate them?

What do you think about 34 open wheeled race cars racing @ 225mph on a 1.5 mile racetrack? Is it safe or dagerous? AJ Allmendinger and Scott Speed foresaw dangers of IndyCar finale in Las Vegas. Scott Speed declined to race for the $5 million dollars. We wanna know your thoughts.

Danica Patrick announces today that she will be racing in the NASCAR Cup Series full time for the 2012 season for JR Motorsports, and part time in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2012 with Stewart-Haas Racing.

We wanna know what your thoughts are?

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If a race track gave you the option to fill out a Medical Condition form for the purpose of an emergency with you would you fill it out?

This form would include information about any medical history conditions, drug allergies & etc. that could be passed on to medics or hospitals in the event on an emergency.

We want your feedback.

Issues were raisded about "Should race tracks mandate drivers to submit to alcohol breathalyzer tests before a race"?  "Should race tracks mandate drivers to submit to random drug tests"?

We want to hear what you have to say why or why not.

USAC driver Shane Hmiel was airlifted to Indianapolis' Methodist Hospital after a wreck Saturday night at the USAC race in Terre Haute.
He was banned for life from NASCAR for drug abuse in 2006 and has become a rising star on the open-wheel racing circuit since cleaning up.
Hmiel lost control of his Silver Crown Series car on a qualifying run, flipping his car and landing on the concrete wall.
The car's protective roll cage was torn off in the accident, and Hmiel suffered head, neck and back injuries.
Shane has recently underwent surgery to repair his neck. He was last listed in critical condition after surgery. He was gaining feeling back in his arms as of Sunday night.
According to Shane’s mother and family he is slowly improving.
Shane’s family has created a facebook page to update fans on his condition.
Click here

We want your feedback from a question that was sent in to us from a fan.
Should drivers with medical conditions be allowed to race?

Feel free to respond with you answers.